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Watercheck Radon Water Lab Analysis Test Kit


A comprehensive, certified lab analysis for harmful Radon in your drinking water. Your results are returned to you in 7 to 10 business days.

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Knowing about your water is the most basic thing you should know.

Our Watercheck Radon Water Lab Analysis Test Kit provides you the most accurate, most omprehensive lab analysis for Radon in your water supply. And, it is so easy.  

It is a comprehensive, certified laboratory analysis for Radonin your water supply:

  • Our water testing lab is certified to test radon in all 50 states and provides quick and accurate results.
  • Fast, free shipping from us to you
  • Return postage to the lab is included with this kit
  • Very easy and simple to use
  • Radon test kits meet EPA radon proficiency program requirements
  • Laboratory analysis fees are included in purchase price
  • Fast lab turnaround, the kits are processed the same day they are received

Here is some more information you should know:

Radon gas can dissolve in groundwater and later be released into the air during such normal household activities as showering, dishwashing and doing laundry. People who are exposed to radon in drinking water may have increased risk of getting cancer over the course of their lifetime, especially lung cancer. At present there is no federal standard for radon water testing, however the EPA has developed a proposed regulation to reduce radon in drinking water as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Our certified Watercheck Radon Water Lab Analysis Test Kit lets you know if you and your family are facing a risk.

Compared to radon entering through the soil, radon entering through water will in most cases be a small source of risk, however the risk does exist. If you measure radon in the air in your home and find a radon problem and your water comes from a well, it is advisable to conduct a radon water test. It takes about 10,000 pCi/l of radon in water to raise the radon in indoor air by 1 pCi/L.

Our Watercheck Radon Water Lab Analysis Test Kit lets you know if you and your family need to take action.

Problems found with radon in water after conducting a radon water test can be readily fixed. The most effective treatment is to remove radon from the water before it enters the home. This is called point-of-entry treatment. Treatment at your water tap is called point-of-use treatment. Unfortunately, point-of-use treatment will not reduce most of the inhalation risk from most of the inhalation risk from radon. donates a portion of our revenues to water sustainability projects - to keep our earth's water safe and accessible for all of us.  When you purchase our Watercheck Lab Analysis Kits - YOU are making the world a better place.


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