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PULSE ShowerSpas 1040 Barcelona ShowerSpa White Venetian Glass Shower Panel


Transform your shower experience with our beautiful PULSE Barcelona ShowerSpa. Simply connects to the hot/cold water supply lines and secures to the wall with a versatile mounting system. Includes a white Venetian Tough Glass panel, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, 8" rain showerhead, 6 Silk Spray Jets™, and useful glass shelf, multi-function hand shower, brass diverter, tub spout, and a TruTemp™ pressure balance valve. It will leave you crisp and ready to start your day. Perfect for a retrofit or a remodel. Lifetime warranty.

Backorder Policy

For out-of-stock items, we post an ETA date provided by our supplier, or else we adjust it conservatively to be on the safer side. We hate stockouts and work to stay on top of the situation with the source, to ensure that our information stays current. In all likelihood, we probably get called pests (and worse) by manufacturers and suppliers who've run out of things. For many of the products offers, we know from manufacturers that we carry a larger stock of their product as a percentage of sales than any retailer in the world, and we reorder long before counts hit zero. This means that by the time we’re out of something, most others usually have been out for some time. It also means that the way you’re most likely to get the item the soonest, is to preorder with us. In some cases, preordering can even prevent having to wait until a second new shipment comes in, before unspoken-for stock becomes available. ETA’s from our suppliers are usually quite accurate. But things can happen, from shipping damage to lost cargoes to customs delays, so it’s important to remember that the "E" in “ETA” stands for “estimated,” not for "exact." Our pledge is two-fold: To provide the most accurate information possible, and to get stockout items back out the door again very quickly once they arrive.

You Deserve It. Make Everyday A Spa Day. Transform Your Shower … with our PULSE ShowerSpa.

Transform your shower experience with our beautiful Barcelona ShowerSpa.

Our PULSE Barcelona ShowerSpa simply connects to the hot/cold water supply lines and secures to the wall with a versatile mounting system.

Our Barcelona ShowerSpa includes a white Venetian Tough Glass panel, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, 8" rain showerhead, 6 Silk Spray Jets™, multi-function hand shower, a useful glass shelf, brass diverter, tub spout, and a TruTemp™ pressure balance valve.

Distribute water pressure to a single function or any combination features for a multitude of relaxing options. A perfect blend of traditional and classic beauty will satisfy any emotion, leaving you clean crisp and invigorated.

Our PULSE Barcelona, constructed of sleek, durable and attractive white venetian glass panel accented with oil rubbed bronze brass fixtures - a stunning combination. that will instantly upgrade any shower.

Adding style, convenience and function to your shower has never been easier.  Transform your shower experience by adding the luxury and style of our PULSE ShowerSpa.

More About Our PULSE ShowerSpa 1040 Barcelona Shower Panel ...

  • Luxuriously Crafted, Ergonomically Designed, Efficient Water Use - It’s A Win. Win. Win
  • Surface Mounted And Completely Pre-Plumbed
  • Easily Retrofit Your Existing Shower Without A Remodel
  • Durable And Elegant Venetian Tempered Glass Panel With Oil-Rubbed Bronze Brass Fixtures
  • Stimulating 8 Inch Dual-Function Showerhead On A Convenient Side-To-Side Pivoting Arm
  • 6 Extra Large Rejuvenating Silk Spray Body Jets Will Ensure You Will Hit All The Right Spots
  • Invigorating 5 Function Handshower With 60 In. Double-interlocking Stainless Steel Hose
  • Multiple Diverters Allow You To Select Functions Independently Or In Tandem
  • Run All Water Pressure To One Function Or Distribute To Multiple Functions
  • Rub Tips Clean With Spray Straight Technology
  • Double-Interlocking Stainless Steel Hose, Stretches From 59 - 78" (1.5 - 2m)
  • Easily Retrofit Your Existing Shower
  • CUPC Approved Pressure Balance Valve Adjusts Temperature And Water Volume
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Braided Supply Lines - ½" NPT
  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

Technical Downloads ...

PULSE Barcelona Showerspa Owners Manual (PDF)

PULSE Barcelona Showerspa Specifications (PDF)

The time is now to make everyday a spa day. You deserve it. Transform your shower to a refreshing and invigorating shower experience. Achieve an altered state of peace and vitality with our PULSE ShowerSpas. donates a portion of our revenues to water sustainability projects - to keep our earth's water safe and accessible for all of us. When you purchase our PULSE ShowerSpa Products - YOU are making the world a better place.

Our PULSE ShowerSpa Products have a 30-day money-back guarantee. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be requested within 30 days of delivery of the order. Requests must be made by emailing: with name and original purchase date.

Technical Specifications ...

  • Style: Traditional/Classic
  • Finish: Distressed Bronze/Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Handheld Shower Included: Yes
  • Valve Included: Yes
  • Diverter Included: Yes
  • Installation Hardware Included: Yes
  • Showerhead Function: Rain Shower
  • Showerhead Width: 8 in
  • Handheld Showerhead Function: 5 Function
  • Handheld Showerhead Hose Length: 60 In
  • Shower Panel Dimensions: 58.5'' H x 11'' W x 22.25'' D
  • Number of Handles / Knobs: 2 Handles / Knobs
  • Shower Panel Material: Venetian Glass
  • Shower Fixtures Material: Brass, Stainless Steel, ABS
  • Handles Material: Metal, Brass
  • Easy-Cleaning Nozzle: Yes
  • Valve Type: Pressure-Balancing Valve
  • Water Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM
  • Country Of Manufacture: USA
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
  • Shipping Weight: 53 lbs

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