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Propur ProMax Oil Rubbed Bronze Shower Filter Removes Chlorine, Chloramine, Fluoride, Lead, VOCs With Massage Showerhead


Our Propur ProMax Antique Bronze Shower Filter uses a groundbreaking integrated technology and revolutionary combination of powerful filtration media that reduces radiation, chlorine, chloramine, lead, fluoride and other nasty contaminants - providing you an enhanced and exhilarating shower experience unmatched by any other. Its like showering in pure spring water. Sleek Antique Bronze finish. Includes 5 function massage showerhead. Lab tested. Manufacturer warranty.

Finally a lab tested shower filter - our Propur ProMax Shower Filter !!! Its like showering in pure, spring water. You will have smoother skin and softer hair - guaranteed !!!

Protect your skin, hair, eyes and lungs from nasty toxic chemicals found in most municipally treated water. Our Propur ProMax Shower Filter uses a groundbreaking integrated RF filtration technology and a powerful 4 stage filtration process.

Independent lab test shows our Propur ProMax shower filter helps reduce over 200 contaminants including VOC’s, heavy metals, pesticides, chloramines, chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pharmaceuticals and odor. Helps control scale, algae and bacteria. 

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Benefits & Features Of Our Propur ProMax Shower Filter ...

  1. Certified Lab Tested !!!
  2. Sleek Antique Bronze Styling
  3. Removes & Reduces Over 200 Contaminants Including Fluoride, Chloramine, Chlorine, VOCs, THMs, Lead & More !!! 
  4. Eliminates Dirt, Sediment And Unpleasant Odors - Also Helps To Control Algae, Bacteria & Scale.
  5. Comes With An Eco Friendly 2.0 GPM Massage Showerhead With 5 Function Jet Turbo Massage Spray Head With Adjustments Ranging From A Gentle Rain Shower To Luxurious And Forceful Massage Spray Coverage. Showerhead Meets WaterSense Efficiency Criteria.
  6. Easy Installation In Minutes
  7. Replaceable Filter Cartridge Lasts Up To 9 Months Before It Needs Changing
  8. Can Be Used With Any Showerhead
  9. Twice The Filtration Media Of Most Other Shower Filters
  10. Softens Skin And Hair
  11. Reduces Skin Dryness And Flakiness
  12. Reduces Fading Of Color Treated Hair
  13. Maintains Shower Pressure
  14. Offers Maximum Head Room
  15. Housing Made Of BPA FREE, Antique Bronze Finished, ABS Plastic 
  16. Easily Installs In Minutes
  17. Hand-Crafted In The USA
  18. 1 Year Warranty On Housing 
  19. 9 Month Warranty On Filter Cartridge

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Our Propur Promax Shower Filter is the only shower filter that has been lab tested. It is the first shower water filter to provide a 4 stage filtration system that removes and reduces over 200 harmful contaminants - including fluoride & removes chloramine, chlorine, lead, VOCs, dirt and odors.

Begin enjoying the many health and beauty benefits that include smoother skin, softer hair, and no harsh chemicals to breath-in or absorb through your pores. Showering with our Propur Promax Shower Filter is like showering with pure, spring water.

The Propur ProMax Shower Filter has a standard ½” pipe thread that fits most shower arms in the U.S, Canada, and Worldwide. It installs in minutes; no tools necessary.

The filter lasts up to 9 months, then simply replace the cartridge.

How To Install ...

  1. Unscrew your existing shower head from the wall fitting
  2. Apply plumbers tape / teflon tape to wall fitting pipe threads (where your shower head was attached)
  3. Attach the connector of the shower filter to wall fitting (where your shower head was attached)
  4. Before attaching your shower head, turn the water on and off several times to rinse out any fine black particles of the filtration media. The dark particles will dissipate within the first few minutes of use, and will dispel completely after the first few days. donates a portion of our revenues to water sustainability projects - to keep our earth's water safe and accessible for all of us. When you purchase our Propur Products - YOU are making the world a better place.

Our Propur Products Have A 30-day $$$ Back Guarantee. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be requested within 30 days of delivery of the order. Requests must be made by emailing: with name and original purchase date.

Technical Specifications:
  • Filter Cartridge Life - Replaceable Filter Cartridge Lasts Up To 9 Months Before It Needs Changing
  • Filtration Media - Uses A Groundbreaking Integrated RF Filtration Technology And A Powerful 4 Stage Filtration Process
  • Filter Chemical Application - Removes And Reduces Over 200 Contaminants Including VOC’s, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Chloramines, Chlorine, Fluoride, Herbicides, Pharmaceuticals And Odor. Helps Control Scale, Algae And Bacteria
  • Maximum Water Flow - 2.5 GPM
  • Showerhead Included - Comes With An Eco Friendly 2.0 GPM Massage Showerhead With 5 Function Jet Turbo Massage Spray Head With Adjustments Ranging From A Gentle Rain Shower To Luxurious And Forceful Massage Spray Coverage. Showerhead Meets WaterSense Efficiency Criteria
  • Housing Material - BPA FREE, Antique Bronze Finish, ABS Plastic
  • Order Includes - Your Order Will Include A Propur ProMax Shower Filter, Instructions
  • Manufacturers Warranty - 1 Year Warranty On Housing. 9 Month Warranty On Filter Cartridge