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Bioverse Healthy Ponds AquaLily 1000 Gallon Pond Water Cleaner - White


Its like a new beginning for your body of water. You'll be able to see it clearly again. Keep your pond, water feature, rain barrel and aquarium fresh and clear. Our Bioverse Healthy Ponds AquaLily 1000 Gallon Pond Water Cleaner keeps water fresh and clear with the cleansing power of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Comes with (1) AquaLily Dispenser + (2) 30 Day treatments.

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Its like a new beginning for your body of water. You'll be able to see it clearly again.

Keep your pond, water feature, rain barrel and aquarium fresh and clear.

Our Bioverse Healthy Ponds AquaLily 1000 Gallon Pond Water Cleaner is water fresh and clear with the cleansing power of beneficial bacteria and enzymes.

What you should know about our Bioverse Healthy Ponds AquaLily 1000 Gallon Pond Water Cleaner ...

  • A water maintenance product designed to keep small ponds and water features (backyard ponds, fountains, etc.) up to 1,000 gallons clean, clear and free of green organic growth.
  • Beautiful, floating AquaLiliy dispenser fits your water feature's natural look and feel.
  • Unique patented time-release system delivers a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes into the water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 30 days.
  • This easy-to-use, all natural product is veterinarian approved and safe for fish, plants, birds, animals and humans.
  • AquaLily dispenser with (2) 30-day treatments for waters up to 1000 gallons each
  • Do not under treat water; over treatment is safe and will yield optimal results
  • Once wet, do not allow bacteria packs in dispenser to become dried out
  • For best results, water temperatures should be between 45°-110° F
  • This is an all-natural system, and may take 4-6 weeks to achieve water quality
  • Do not use in conjunction with chemicals


  • Comes with (1) AquaLily Dispenser + (2) 30 Day Treatments
  • Remember to add a new treatment bag to your dispenser EVERY 30 DAYS to continue to treat throughout the season.
  • Non-toxic and safe for fish, pets and aquatic plants.
  • Use when water temperature is 50 degrees or warmer.
  • Better alternative to chemicals.


  • Calculate the total gallons in the pond or area to be treated - ( Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons)
  • Calculate the number of dispensers needed. - (Total Gallons divided by 1,000 gallons per dispenser = Dispensers needed)


  • Use in self-contained water features, ponds, etc.
  • Keep our dry until pond application.
  • Do not use with chemicals or algaecides.
  • Use the proper dose; based on calculated number of required spheres.
  • Treat water over 45 degrees F and under 110 degrees F.
  • Add a new packet every 30 days.
  • Not for control of duckweed.


Microbial treatment in ponds with low oxygen levels, high water stagnation (no aeration), with high levels of organic matter and containing high levels of fish populations run a risk of initiating fish death due to low water oxygen levels. It is recommended that ponds stocked with fish be tested for oxygen levels as well as having a source of aeration in the pond prior to treatment with microbials.


  • Treatment with microbials requires oxygen to establish bioremediation.
  • Microbial treatments will reduce the water oxygen levels as the bioremediation occurs.
  • Bioverse microbial products are 100% natural, safe, and effective for fish if all ponds as there is enough oxygen for all the fish contained in that pond.
  • Ponds with high fish levels should have mechanical aeration systems in place as treatment is started for improved results.
  • Ponds with low oxygen levels should be treated with a water oxygenator prior to microbial application.


  • Low oxygen levels will produce localized fish death in any pond.
  • High heat will decrease the oxygen levels in ponds - as water temperatures increase the oxygen levels will decrease.
  • Ponds overstocked with fish will have lower oxygen levels than a pond that has no fish.
  • Excess amounts of organic debris will lower water oxygen levels.
  • Shallow ponds will always have lower water oxygen levels than ponds that are deeper.


  • They contain bacteria and enzymes found in nature - plus they are completely biodegradable.
  • They cost no more than chemicals and actually save our customers money over time.
  • They are an all natural solution to improve water quality and clarity.
  • They are used at Camp David, in the reflecting ponds in our nation's capital, and at golf courses, municipal sites, cranberry bogs, backyard fountains, ponds, and even in fish tanks throughout the U.S.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They have been designed with ease in mind.
  • They are veterinarian approved safe for animals including horses cattle and other livestock, not to mention fido, rover and kitty.


"It's amazing to see the difference when comparing these ponds before using the products to after. Many of my clients want an "all-natural" alternative to treating water with chemicals, and this is a great option. This treatment method also nicely compliments wetland plant community restoration, since it doesn't harm desirable emergent and transitional native plants. Once Healthy Pond popularity catches on, I can't see why everyone wouldn't want to treat their pond with this effective, all natural, and cost competitive product!" - Joe Walton, Restoration Biologist

"The ponds on my course have a deeper average depth than most which, in turn, adds more water to treat. The quality and clarity of the water in the ponds this year was great. The product did everything that the team at Bioverse said it would do. I will be using this natural approach again next season." - Doug Hausman, Superintendent at Dakota Dunes Country Club, Dakota Dunes, SD

"We have been using the Bioverse Natural Water Treatment for three years now and have been very satisfied with the results in our ponds . Not only is the water clearer, we have noticed a decrease in the sludge layer . The Bioverse 30 day treatment is an easy, environmentally friendly approach that is very effective." - Tom Hayes, Golden Meadows Homeowners Association, Plainfield, IL

And remember, donates a portion of our revenues to water sustainability projects - to keep our earth's water safe and accessible for all of us.  When you purchase our Healthy Ponds Bioverse Products - YOU are making the world a better place.

Our Healthy Ponds Bioverse Products Have A 30-day $$$ Back Guarantee. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be requested within 30 days of delivery of the order. Requests must be made by emailing: with name and original purchase date.


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