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Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 Outlet Pond Aeration Kit - Up To 2,000 Gal Pond


Our Aquascape Pond Air 2 Pond Aeration Kit is the ideal solution for aerating ponds and water features up to 2,000 gallons. Keeps water clean and clear. Ensures healthier water, fish, and plants even helps keep pond and fish safe through freezing months. The integrated rubber feet prevents noise and vibration. Comes complete with aquascape pond air pump, air line tubing, preassembled check valves and weighted aeration discs. 3-year limited warranty.

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Its like a new beginning for your water feature. You'll be able to see it clearly again.

Every process that happens in the pond is dependent on oxygen. This is especially important at night when plants are not converting sunlight into oxygen. Dissolved oxygen levels are also generally lower in warmer water temperatures.


Our Aquascape Pond Air 2 Pond Aeration Kit is the ideal solution for aerating ponds and water features up to 2,000 gallons.

Aquascape Pond Air 2 Pond Aeration Kit Benefits And Features

  • Effectively Oxygenates Ponds And Water Features Up To 2,000 Gallons
  • Keeps Water Clean And Clear
  • Ensures Healthier Water, Fish, And Plants
  • Even Helps Keep Pond And Fish Safe Through Freezing Months
  • The Strong Outer Housing Protects The Pump From Becoming Easily Damaged
  • A Thick Rubber Gasket Separates The Two Halves Of The Air Pump, Reducing Noise And Preventing Vibration
  • The Wide, Flat Shape Base Of The Pump Makes It Stable And Easy To Place
  • The Integrated Rubber Feet Prevents Noise And Vibration Keeping The Pump Stable So There Is No Movement From Its Intended Position
  • The Replaceable Diaphragm And Assembly Cartridge Makes This Pump Simple And Inexpensive To Service
  • Comes Complete With Aquascape Pond Air Pump, Air Line Tubing, Preassembled Check Valves And Weighted Aeration Discs
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty


    • Low oxygen levels will produce localized fish death in any pond.
    • High heat will decrease the oxygen levels in ponds - as water temperatures increase the oxygen levels will decrease.
    • Ponds overstocked with fish will have lower oxygen levels than a pond that has no fish.
    • Excess amounts of organic debris will lower water oxygen levels.
    • Shallow ponds will always have lower water oxygen levels than ponds that are deeper.

    Pond air pumps like our Aquascape Pond Air 2 Pond Aeration Kit oxygenate your pond, helping all biological processes and creating a more stable environment, resulting in healthier fish and plants. Aeration is also very important during winter months in colder climates, as aeration helps to keep a small hole open in the surface of the pond to aid in degassing. 

    And remember, donates a portion of our revenues to water sustainability projects - to keep our earth's water safe and accessible for all of us.  When you purchase our Aquascape Products - YOU are making the world a better place.

    Our Aquascape Products Have A 30-day $$$ Back Guarantee. A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number must be requested within 30 days of delivery of the order. Requests must be made by emailing: with name and original purchase date.

    Technical Specifications ...

    • Pond Size: Up To 2,000 Gallons
    • Pond Depth: Up To 8.5 Ft
    • Maximum Air Flow Rate (Loaded): 0.28 CFM
    • Maximum Air Depth (Loaded): 3.70 PSI
    • Submersible: No
    • Number Of Outlets: 2
    • Wattage: 6 W
    • Voltage: 120 V / 60 Hz.
    • Power Cord Length: 6 Ft
    • Air Pump Dimensions: 5.25″ L X 4.75″ W X 3.5″ H
    • Aeration Discs: (2) 4″ Discs
    • Length Of Airline: (2) 25 Ft. Rolls Of 3/16″ Silicone
    • Check Valve: Included & Preinstalled
    • Comes Complete With Aquascape Pond Air Pump, Air Line Tubing, Preassembled Check Valves And Weighted Aeration Discs
    • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3-Year Limited Warranty

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