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H2O Leadership Program

The H2O Leadership Program mission is to will bring together water leaders and community members to learn how to protect, understand and even love water. Membership in our H2O Leadership Program is by application only.

There are (2) categories we chose from  …

  1. H2O Organizations - Non profit groups / organizations working to protect, understand and even love water.
  2. H2O Ambassadors - Influencers and thought leaders who use their voice to lead people to protect, understand and even love water.

All life needs water. Water is our Blue Planet’s world’s most precious resource. We need H2O Leadership. Now.

For humanity and land dwelling wildlife - many fail to realize that freshwater is a surprisingly finite resource. Less than 1% of the world's water is fresh and accessible. Climate change, water pollution, mis-allocation of water, population growth and changing consumption patterns threaten freshwater systems around the globe.

For sea dwelling marine life - many fail to recognize issues impacting the marine environment. Ocean acidification, huge swirling ocean gyres of plastic debris and pollution, over fishing, dolphin culling, whale kills, coral reef destruction, navy sonar testing on sea life, polar ice melts, global ocean warming threaten life in our oceans - and life on earth.

Our H2O Leadership Program is for Water Leadership to come front and center of the global debate for life.

If we see that you and/or your H2O organization helps support proactive ways to focus, understand and share ideas on how to protect the water supplies on our planet then we need to talk.

You and/or your H2O organization must have a track record of positive outcomes and solid infrastructure so people can participate with you, support you and donate to your cause.

“The bottom line is that our action or inaction around protecting water will decide the fate of our most important resource and the fate of life on earth. We want to spur enlightened and inspired H2O action for water." said Mr Leslie Gabriel -- CEO of and founder of the H2O Water Leadership Program. 

H2O Leadership Program Benefits:

  • Your organization's logo and link will be highlighted prominently on our site -
  • There will be a blog post about you and/or your organization on our well read Water Blog
  • There will be an interview of you and/or your organization on our famous H2O podcast - "And So It Flows" - The Only Show For H2O
  • In addition, you are welcome to provide a guest blog post and we will post your article on our Water Blog with a link back to you and/or your organization.
  • You logo will be on our site for the three months minimum. More than 10,0000+ monthly unique visitors who come to our site
  • Plus, we will mention you on our monthly email newsletter to our email list of H2O lovers.
  • And we will mention you repeatedly on our social media channels - with a combined reach of 20,000 + followers

We are sure you and/or your organization's website will get a lot of new visitors and your work will receive more support - you and/or organization will receive more publicity, volunteers - and funding.

To join the H2O Leadership Program contact us here.