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Welcome to is a leader in the development and distribution of water related merchandise > in the areas of bath, filtration, testing, conservation, personal hydration products, garden products, water features and so much more.

We currently develop and distribute over 500 of the best H2O products. We have been in business for 14+ years. We have thousands and thousands of water loving customers, all around our big blue planet.

Since 2004, we've been advocating for a new love, insight and respect for H2O. We call it Water Consciousness. Plus, we've got over 500 of the best H2O products – water filtration, water testing, water conservation and personal hydration products - for water lovers all around our world. 

We also support water groups all around our big blue planet with our H2O Leadership Program. It's about our commitment to a quadruple bottom line - Water, People, Planet, Profits. Stay, browse and share us passionately. While you are at it LIKE us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. You - and your water - will be glad you did.