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America's Water In Danger - Water Accountability Is Missing

by Andrew Ciccone July 12, 2017

Roughly a quarter of the U.S. population, that’s about 77 million people in all 50 states report violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which was passed in 2015. The offenses ranged from arsenic to nitrate contamination, and included often-serious failures to test or report contamination levels. A new threat to the nation’s water supplies comes in the form of dramatic cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2018 budget which includes eliminating programs that act as safeguards to our nation’s drinking water.

“Americans have a right to safe, clean drinking water ... Our tap water should not poison us or make us sick. We can’t play politics with our health or our children’s future.” -- said Jamie Consuegra, NRDC Director.

The NRDC’s report exposes health-based violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. More than 18,000 communities across the country report violations for inadequate water monitoring and reporting water systems across the nation. These federal drinking water rules are intended to protect against about 100 contaminants, such as toxic chemicals, bacteria and metals like lead that can cause health impacts like cancer, birth defects, and cognitive impairments.

Trace amounts of chlorine in your shower water remove moisture from your skin and hair resulting in dry, irritated skin. A shower filter helps provide you with pure, clean healthy water to help fight off skin discoloration and wrinkles.

 At the very least, one in every 12 Americans, or (27 million people) were exposed to health based drinking water system violations. To understand the risks involved it is helpful to explain what the real risks are associated with unhealthy water.

  • cancer-causing chemicals know as (disinfection byproducts) such as coliform bacteria
  • failure to properly treat surface and groundwater from removing dangerous pathogens such as nitrates and nitrites that cause “blue baby syndrome”
  • and lead and copper.

Without stewardship and enforcement the Safe Drinking Water Act does little to protect Americans from unsafe drinking water. Nearly nine in 10 water violations were subject to no formal action government actions or financial penalties. At the EPA’s current level of funding, there are not enough resources to monitor, test, and enforce safe drinking water laws.

What steps are necessary to protect our drinking water?

  1. Much like our roads, we need to improve the water infrastructure and modernize drinking water treatment plants (including removing the 6 million to 10 million lead service lines across the country).
  2. Strengthen and enforce existing regulations, and establish new ones to protect our health. Many contaminants found in drinking water – including pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals – are not regulated, leaving everyone with potentially unsafe drinking water.
  3. Develop a more robust testing system for drinking water contaminants.

The 2016 NRDC’s 2016 study that revealed widespread lead contamination in the tap water in Flint, Michigan, and towns across America. Learn more about the Flint Water Crisis.  The full NRDC report with interactive maps is also available online.

Investing and improving infrastructure and enforcing the drinking water laws are solutions that will make a difference. Don’t let the Trump Administration take away our natural right to clean water. Learn more about Trump’s War on Water.


Andrew Ciccone
Andrew Ciccone


Andrew Ciccone, VP Branding & Media Strategy - Andrew's long strange marketing trip began after graduating from Syracuse University with a BS in Marketing. Andrew then developed his marketing prowess when he moved to Madison Avenue big boys Young & Rubicam, Backer Spielvogel, and Grey Advertising. He went on to get a Masters in Corporate Communications from Baruch College, then went on to start his own agency in 2011 - Hudson Valley Public Relations. Andrew has earned a reputation for creative, smart, innovative campaigns that get results. Andrew's spare time is devoted to sailing regattas, family fun and film. To date he has penned four screenplays.

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