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From Everyday Man to Water Superhero - The Birth of SuperWaterMan

by Leslie Gabriel June 12, 2014

Introducing SuperWaterMan The World's New Superhero For Water

Humans have a funny tendency to take things for granted. Sometimes it takes an unusual individual to shake people out of their stupor and make them see the things that are right there in front of them. In fact, sometimes it takes an actual hero – a superhero – to make us see what really matters. SuperWaterMan is just such a hero.

From Everyday Man To Super Hero

Like many superheroes, SuperWaterMan had a humble beginning. He was just your average guy living an average life when Mother Earth reached out and slapped him awake. Everyday guy Leslie Gabriel was not looking to become a hero when he sat down to meditate on the shore of Lake Minnewaska – located near the college town of New Paltz in the Hudson Valley. It turns out Mother Earth was looking for him, though.

Although some people claim to hear voices, Leslie was not one of these people. His feet had always been planted firmly on the ground. That's why it was so surprising when he heard a powerful voice in his head during meditation.

It said, “Leslie, I am Mother Earth. I need your help. Seventy-six percent of the planet is made up of water, yet no one is there to speak up for it. This is causing serious trouble, both for me and for your fellow humans. I need you to get up from your nap and help me out, ya hear me??? Can you show this mother some love??”

Needless to say, Leslie heard her.

The Elixir of Life

Mother Earth made Leslie see the importance of speaking up for water and started him on his path. He studied day and night to learn all he could about water. Along with this knowledge came the ability to channel the power of water – known as Vortex Power. Armed with knowledge, Vortex Power and the backing of Mother Earth, Leslie Gabriel became SuperWaterMan.

SuperWaterMan refers to water as “The Elixir of Life.” His research and study has shown him that without H2O, life as we know it would not exist. It is his goal to make sure that humanity understands this reality and he works to encourage people to love their water and to protect it and seek the purest water available.

The Path Ahead

Working as Leslie Gabriel, SuperWaterMan first attempted to change the world by working as a researcher at a major corporation – Ominous Megacorp. Unfortunately, the goons in charge destroyed Leslie's work in an attempt to make their own products look better. This left Leslie only one choice – push forward as SuperWaterMan and create his own change.

SuperWaterMan uses his Vortex Power – capable of water manipulation, water generation, water transportation, water state changes (freezing, evaporation, sublimation, etc.) – to fight Ominous Megacorp and inspire others to adopt positive water practices.

The road ahead is a long one, but with hard work and encouragement SuperWaterMan will be able to make real and lasting change in the way humanity deals with its most precious resource. Show some SuperWaterMan love and LIKE his facebook page -


Leslie Gabriel
Leslie Gabriel


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