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Top 10 Ways To Make Your Drinking Water Taste Better

by Andrew Ciccone July 19, 2018 1 Comment

Give you tap water a boost of flavor while giving your body the recommended daily glasses of water each day.

    1. Add A Squeeze Of Lemon
      Add a squeeze of lemon or lime in your glass of water. The health benefits of warm lemon water helps your digestion, flushes out toxins and cleanses the liver. Lemons contain a lot of vitamin C that help boost your immune system. Squeeze on!

    2. Infuse Your Water With Fruit
      Fill a large jug with water, then add sliced fruit (citrus, berries, melon and more). Leave room for ice and refrigerate overnight. Fruits such as apples are loaded with iron and low in calories. And blueberries are one of the most potent sources of antioxidants on the planet. Enjoy!

    3. Soak Your Pineapple In Water
      Before eating fresh pineapple, soak it into salt water for about 30 minutes. The salt water destroys the bio-glycosides and bromelain in pineapple. This also helps offset pineapple’s astringent taste, as well as helps reduce the risk of allergies. So good for  you!

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    4. Just Add Some Fresh Mint
      Mint is a calming and soothing herb that helps aid with an upset stomach or indigestion. Tear up some fresh mint leaves and let steep in water a few minutes before drinking. Wow, that’s nice!

    5. Slice In Some Cucumbers
      Cucumbers contain silica, which provides extra nutrients to the skin. Add sliced cucumber for a refreshing zing to a cool glass of water. You can also use the cucumbers again in your salad after you've finished the cucumber water!

    6. Sparkle Your Water
      Make half the glass sparkling water, half the glass still water. The most natural form of sparkling water is sparkling mineral water, which not only naturally contains minerals, but also can be naturally carbonated. Your water will not be as gassy and will taste better!

    7. Infuse Rose Petals
      Add a few drops of rose water. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, get rid of acne, dermatitis and eczema. It is a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores!

    8. Put The Kettle On
      Brew green or white tea, then chill. Green tea is one of the most beneficial health tonics you can drink. Oh boy that’s flavorful!

    9. Get Passionate
      Add an herbal tea bag like passion fruit, then heat with lemon. Drinking passion fruit can help stimulate digestion, improve vision, aid in sleep, protect the heart, strengthen bones, reduce stomach inflammation, boost the immune system, support circulation, lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, and optimize brain function. Wow!

    10. Spice It Up
      Crush some basil leaves, add to water and leave overnight. Basil is thought to have a calming effect aiding in digestion as well as alleviate feelings of fullness.



Andrew Ciccone
Andrew Ciccone


Andrew Ciccone, VP Branding & Media Strategy - Andrew's long strange marketing trip began after graduating from Syracuse University with a BS in Marketing. Andrew then developed his marketing prowess when he moved to Madison Avenue big boys Young & Rubicam, Backer Spielvogel, and Grey Advertising. He went on to get a Masters in Corporate Communications from Baruch College, then went on to start his own agency in 2011 - Hudson Valley Public Relations. Andrew has earned a reputation for creative, smart, innovative campaigns that get results. Andrew's spare time is devoted to sailing regattas, family fun and film. To date he has penned four screenplays.

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Crysta Watson
Crysta Watson

August 09, 2018

Great Tips that you have shared with us. These tips really helps us to make our water more tasty.
Thanks for sharing

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