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The Top Ten Ways To Save Water And Protect Our Water Supplies [Infographic]

by Andrew Ciccone January 17, 2018

Saving water. Climate change, population growth and deforestation and destruction of grasslands are exhausting our water supplies. Water conservation is one of the best ways to protect the earth’s most precious resource for our children and the next generation. By saving and reducing water use helps prevent water pollution in nearby lakes, rivers and local watersheds.

Water Use Around The World


Here are a few simple ways that you and your family can conserve water to make a difference:  

  1. ONLY ORDER WATER IN A RESTAURANT IF YOU ACTUALLY ARE GOING TO DRINK IT.   Think twice about whether you are going to drink your glass of water or ask your server to fill you halfway. You can always get a refill.
  1. USE THE DISHWASHER.  It might sound counterintuitive, but most dishwashers use less water than we do while washing dishes.
  1. REUSE YOUR DEHUMIDIFIER WATER.  Dehumidifiers pull lots of water from the house and is an excellent source of water. Reusing this reclaimed water can be used water the plants and lawn. Don’t waste perfectly good water by dumping it down the drain.
  1. USE THE SAME GLASS FOR WATER.  We drink several glasses of water throughout the day. Don’t keep washing your glass or just putting it in the dishwasher, instead simply refill the glass you already have. Or better yet, use a water flask and carry it around with you no matter where you go!


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  1. TURN OFF THE TAPS.  Don't let your water consumption run out of control. Save 6 liters of water a minute by turning off your tap while you brush your teeth. Fix leaky taps  too – and stop what could be barrels of water going straight down the drain each week.
  1. WASH A FULL LOAD OF CLOTHES.  Washing a full machine load of clothes uses less water and energy than 2 half-loads . This means lower water and energy bills as well. That’s more money in your pocket!
  1. WATER THE GARDEN IN THE MORNING AND EVENING ONLY.  Save water by watering your garden plants in the early morning or at the end of the day. This stops water immediately evaporating in sunlight and heat. 
  1.  INSTALL WATER-EFFICIENT DEVICES.  Rebates offered by your local water agency can significantly offset your initial expenses for efficient appliances. Every county and city agency offers different amounts, so check with your local agency.
  1. BAN BOTTLED WATER.  It takes 3 liters of water to produce a one liter bottle of water. This is outrageously wasteful! Only 15 percent of plastic water bottles get recycled, however every single day 66 million bottles end up in landfills or in the ocean as litter. The most affordable, healthy and water-saving option is to fill a glass or steel reusable water bottle with filtered tap water.
    The cost of a quality home water filter will make your tap water as good as any you would buy at the store—plus you can use it for cooking, too—and will pay for itself very quickly.
  1. DEFROST IN THE FRIDGE.  It’s true that putting frozen foods under running water helps them defrost quickly, but it also takes a lot of water. Plan ahead and put frozen food in the refrigerator the day before you need it. Your food will defrost slowly and safely without using a drop from the tap.

If you have any other great water-saving tips that you'd like to share, send us a note and we’ll share them in our blog! Love your water!



Andrew Ciccone
Andrew Ciccone


Andrew Ciccone, VP Branding & Media Strategy - Andrew's long strange marketing trip began after graduating from Syracuse University with a BS in Marketing. Andrew then developed his marketing prowess when he moved to Madison Avenue big boys Young & Rubicam, Backer Spielvogel, and Grey Advertising. He went on to get a Masters in Corporate Communications from Baruch College, then went on to start his own agency in 2011 - Hudson Valley Public Relations. Andrew has earned a reputation for creative, smart, innovative campaigns that get results. Andrew's spare time is devoted to sailing regattas, family fun and film. To date he has penned four screenplays.

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