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Summer Fun: Cool Water Games For Kids

by Andrew Ciccone May 30, 2019

Splash! Water is an amazing substance and it’s so fun. Wet, fresh, cool and so exhilarating. Keep the kids cool this summer with some water fun! Beat the heat with these awesome outdoor water activities that all will enjoy.

Get ready to have some water fun. Here are the best water play games to play this summer!


Pots, pans, and bowls turned upside down make awesome sound conductors when the hose is sprayed on them.  Let the kids experiment with different materials and the sounds they make. It’s tons of fun and the children begin to learn how vibrations make sound . . . it’s music to my ears!


It’s on. Fill up a few dozen balloons with water and stage a water war with the kids. Or make some sponge water bombs. What a really cool way to spend the day during the dog days of summer.


Paint with squirt guns. Fill up some squirt guns with colored water and tape large sheets of paper to the side of the house. See what interesting colors and images emerge from the endeavor. Wow, who know water could be so stimulating.


The Smart Solar Palermo 2-Tier Solar On Demand Fountain brings a touch of peace to your outdoor space. Its beautiful water fountain with built in solar panel is ideal for your garden, patio or balcony.



Make a slip and slide using a few supplies from the hardware store and fill it up with water balloons.


Throw a bunch of glow sticks in a kiddie pool for a super fun night swim.

Hey it’s summer and everyone loves to have fun and spend time outside.  Everything with water is just a fun time. Enjoy a nice walk in the woods along a shady brook or spend the day on the lake fishing off a rowboat. Hit the beach this summer or find a nice pool and enjoy the cool soft water washing over your body.

No matter where you go there's bound to be water where you can kick back and enjoy the day.




Andrew Ciccone
Andrew Ciccone


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