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Sine Qua Non:  Top 10 Reasons Why Water Is Essential

Sine Qua Non: Top 10 Reasons Why Water Is Essential

by Andrew Ciccone February 20, 2019

Water is the sine qua non of life. Water is an indispensable and essential condition of life. Without water, life itself is not possible here on planet Earth.

Being out at sea or near water gives us a feeling of calming relaxation. The sound of waves splashing, crashing and spewing upwards. The smell, taste and power of ocean puts us at ease. A day at the beach makes us feel content. Mentally it feels good splashing in the ocean, or a jumping in a puddle. All your troubles are washed away, leaving happy thoughts.   

There are so many benefits of water, here are the top ten reasons why we are inextricably drawn to water.

1 - WATER IS WISE - In the early stages of development, the human fetus forms “gills”.  We spend our first nine months of life immersed in our mother’s “watery” womb. Upon birth, our bodies are nearly 80 percent water. As we age, that number drops to below 60 percent, but our brain is always about 80 percent water.

“You didn’t come into this world. You came out of it, like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.”  — Alan Watts

Water makes us wise.

2 - WATER IS A RIGHT - The United Nations General Assembly has declared, “Safe and clean drinking water is a human right essential to the full enjoyment of life.” Man uses water for our basic needs: drinking, cleansing, and working. Water moves us around the planet. We love to holiday in and around water.

The  Sonaki Vitamin C Shower technology filters shower water using Vitamin C as the agent to remove the harmful chlorine and chloramine. Get that heavenly spa organic experience that feels like a pure spring water shower.

3 - WATER IS REFRESHING - The refreshing effect of cold water splashed on our face. Hearing it, smelling it in the air, playing in it, walking about it, swimming or surfing in it.

“In the water I am beautiful,” -- Kurt Vonnegut. Plunging into water is an immersive, existential experience. It instantly covers our body, intimately encloses us in total privacy. The mental euphoria of being Immersed in warm salt water restores the body as well as the mind.

4 - WATER IS CALMING & EXCITING  - The sight, sound, and smell of the water can be calming and exciting. It consoles us. The gentle, rhythmic sensation of hearing waves lapping up against the hull of a boat, is calming.

5 - WATER IS DEVASTATING - Powerful super storms are intimidating. When alone out at sea, one may fear the unknown that lies just beneath the ocean’s surface.

6 - WATER INSPIRES US - Water gives us a sense of awe. Water delights us and inspires us. Man has always had a deep connection to water illustrated in our art, literature, and poetry.  

“I need the sea because it teaches me,” Pablo Neruda.

7 - WATER POWERS US - Water gives us energy: hydraulic and hydration. Nothing is better for you than clean, fresh, healthy drinking water.

8 - WATER BRINGS US PEACE & JOY - Water flowing down a stream, over a fall or rainwater from the sky makes us feel happy and help to quiet us. We are drawn to water because it brings us peace and joy.

9 - WATER IS SACRED - Water fills the light, the sound, the air — and my mind. Man has cherished water since the beginning of history. “Mní wičhóni” in Lakota translates to “Water is life”.

10 - WATER CONNECTS US  - World Water Day, is a day when people from all over the world celebrate water. WWD connects us and inspires us to learn more about water. To create sustainable solutions to protect and preserve our planet’s water.

We need to change our relationships with water. If we do not address the challenges that face our big blue planet, fresh drinking water will become scarce. Our livelihood depends on water. Let’s start to address water challenges. Recent attacks on water governance have made is necessary to do more to conserve and protect water.


Andrew Ciccone
Andrew Ciccone


Andrew Ciccone, VP Branding & Media Strategy - Andrew's long strange marketing trip began after graduating from Syracuse University with a BS in Marketing. Andrew then developed his marketing prowess when he moved to Madison Avenue big boys Young & Rubicam, Backer Spielvogel, and Grey Advertising. He went on to get a Masters in Corporate Communications from Baruch College, then went on to start his own agency in 2011 - Hudson Valley Public Relations. Andrew has earned a reputation for creative, smart, innovative campaigns that get results. Andrew's spare time is devoted to sailing regattas, family fun and film. To date he has penned four screenplays.

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