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Listen To The Spirit Of Water: Treat Water With Respect And Dignity

by Andrew Ciccone December 27, 2017

The spirit of water is within us. Water is the source of life. A seed in the soil does not germinate until it receives water. It is the spirit of water that sparks life.   

In many parts of the world to this day, cultures recognize and respect bodies of water for it’s spiritual power. Water is a part of our customs and cultural beliefs. There is sacred relationship between people and water.

Water connects nations, mountains with valleys, plants to animals. Water is essential for life. Water connects us to the spiritual world.  It is through water that we are physically and spiritually one with water. We are all have the spirit of water within us, it works in us, through us and heals Earth.

Water is under attack. Big business demonizes and attacks native indigenous cultures sacred respect and moral responsibility toward water. Half of the nation’s rivers and streams are unfit to drink from or swim in. Unsafe to consume fish as a result of contaminations.

The costs to the environment and changes to our ecosystem can not be ignored. Super storms devastate the planet with ever more frequency. The hurricanes, earthquakes and infectious diseases continue to become more violent and lethal.

Listen to the spirit of water. Water must be treated with respect and dignity. It is our most sacred natural resource that holds life. We need to begin to listen and learn. People, need to be protect and preserve the spirit of water.

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We need to be involved in the ways our water is used. Water rains from the heavens, it should be free. Free from being traded and taxed, free from contamination, corruption and misuse. Water frees us, without it, we can not live. Water must be a priority. Free for all, available to the most disadvantaged and most vulnerable. Free water for all.

Leadership. We have got to educate the need for strong advocacy for water. The first step towards cleaner, healthier water is to protect our water sources today to ensure clean water for our future generations.

A truly sustainable and transformative conversation must be started. A discussion rooted in respect, humility and understanding. We must work together to bring diverse groups to create a sustainable, lasting change in our relationships with water.

Let’s awaken the silent energies of the planet by uniting as communities to live in harmony with the spirits of life and work directly with nature. By working together, we can share our knowledge, experience and faith to improve and deliver free, fresh water for all. Let’s reconnect with the spirit of water to heal our planet and our people.

Join us, take an important step in ensuring clean waters for our future.



Andrew Ciccone
Andrew Ciccone


Andrew Ciccone, VP Branding & Media Strategy - Andrew's long strange marketing trip began after graduating from Syracuse University with a BS in Marketing. Andrew then developed his marketing prowess when he moved to Madison Avenue big boys Young & Rubicam, Backer Spielvogel, and Grey Advertising. He went on to get a Masters in Corporate Communications from Baruch College, then went on to start his own agency in 2011 - Hudson Valley Public Relations. Andrew has earned a reputation for creative, smart, innovative campaigns that get results. Andrew's spare time is devoted to sailing regattas, family fun and film. To date he has penned four screenplays.

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