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Be Water Smart - All About Rainwater Harvesting

by Dan Agudelo November 21, 2016

When it rains you store. Rainwater harvesting a neglected source of clean water.

The harvesting of rainwater is the collection and storage of rain to reuse for flushing, irrigation, and with the proper treatment, drinking.

These systems have a surprisingly simple setup that diverts runoff to supplement water supply and wastewater systems such as the water that is used for plumbing.

Rainwater harvesters can also prevent erosion and damage to gutters, storm drains, and pavement by reducing overflow in basic home irrigation systems. Instead of the rainwater running off your gutters it is collected in a storage unit for later use.

What does a household rainwater harvesting unit look like?

Rainwater Harvesting

What are the benefits?

  1. Risks of flooding and damage to your property will lower by helping heavy rains to be irrigated properly.
  2. Rainwater is free from salts, minerals, and other pollutants that stunt plant growth.
  3. Cut down costs for water and supplements community water supply.

Household rainwater collection is becoming increasingly popular as the desire to reduce water waste. The practice has been around for thousands of years. The practice is so effective, in Bermuda and The U.S. Virgin Islands, it is law that newly built houses must be equipped with a rainwater collection unit.

Lawn and garden watering make up nearly 40% of total household water use during the summer. Check out our rain barrel collection in the water store! 


Dan Agudelo
Dan Agudelo


Dan Agudelo, VP Creative Content Marketing - Dan spends his time creating well-crafted water content that aligns with the values of customers, clients and the water loving public. Dan is a graduate of the University at Buffalo with a BS in Business Administration and a concentration in marketing. For him, marketing the value of water is a passion. Dan spends his free time with friends and family in the Hudson Valley and NYC. His hobbies include soccer, drawing, music and the Marvel Comic Universe.

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