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Top 10 Of The Coolest And Most Iconic Water Towers

by Leslie Gabriel March 14, 2015

Throngs of people flock to walk through beautiful churches, or voyage afar to take in the sight of ancient architectural ruins, or drive hundreds of miles to gaze upon unique water towers. Wait, what? Water towers

While water towers may seem like an humble construction in comparison to the other sights mentioned, it's a fact that there are some water towers that are worth checking out. 

These ten water towers are some of the coolest and most interesting on the planet, and definitely worth a visit if you happen upon their neighborhoods. 

#1: Leaning Tower Of Niles (Niles, Illinois) - This water tower is a half-size replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Built in 1934 by Robert Ilg, its original purpose was to store water for outdoor recreational swimming pools.

Leaning Tower Of Niles (Niles, Illinois)

#2: Old Lady Water Tower (Szeged, Hungary) - Built in 1904, this interesting water tower offers a beautiful view of its town for those who can navigate the winding staircase to reach the terrace.

Old Lady Water Tower (Szeged, Hungary)

#3: Coffee Cup Water Tower (Stanton, Iowa) - Originally there was only a Coffee Pot water tower, honoring Virginia Christine, spokeswoman for Folgers Coffee. The Coffee Cup water tower was erected in 1996 to supplement the pot. It holds 150,000 of water, which makes a bunch of coffee!

 Coffee Cup Water Tower (Stanton, Iowa)

#4: Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower (Collinsville, Illinois) - Built in 1949 to supply water to the nearby Brooks catsup plant, this water tower is known as the biggest catsup bottle in the world.

Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower (Collinsville, Illinois)

#5: Watermelon Water Tower (Luling Texas) - This 154 feet high and 56 feet in diameter spectacle crowns the town known for its Watermelon Thump Festival, held annually the last week of June. 

Watermelon Water Tower (Luling Texas)

#6: Peachoid Water Tower (Gaffney, South Carolina) - This one million gallon tower was painted in 1980 to resemble a peach, taking 50  gallons of paint and 20 colors to complete the look. 

Peachoid Water Tower (Gaffney, South Carolina)

#7: Circleville Pumpkin Water Tower (Circleville, Ohio) - The town built this pumpkin-designed water tower to commemorate their annual pumpkin festival, which is one of the biggest festivals in the United States.

Circleville Pumpkin Water Tower (Circleville, Ohio)

#8: Ciechenow Water Tower (Ciechenow, Poland) - This tower is unique because of its hyperboloid construction, which provides maximum strength with minimum materials. 

Ciechenow Water Tower (Ciechenow, Poland)

#9: Rosemont Water Tower (Rosemont, Illinois) - Sporting a a bright rose design and a green stem, this 500,000 gallon capacity tower is a delightfully interesting landmark., 

Rosemont Water Tower (Rosemont, Illinois)

#10: Earthoid Water Tank (Germantown,Maryland) - A 100 ft structure painted as an amazingly accurate reproduction of Earth by artist Peter Freudenberg.

Earthoid Water Tank (Germantown,Maryland)

If you load your family up to view some of these eye-catching water towers, entertain your crew with a few water tower facts: 

  • Water towers are typically 120 feet tall, which is the height that provides the most sufficient water pressurization.
  • Most water towers hold 50 times more water than the average backyard pool. 
  • Many water towers have the town's name painted on them. This can be read from the air and is helpful to pilots of small planes. 

If you happen upon an interesting water tower in your travels, snap a picture. Chances are, there is a cool watery story behind how it came to be. 

Hey, if you want discuss other water towers that we missed - cause there are a bunch more - just add that in the comments.

And now here is a song from up and coming country music star Scotty McCreery singing his water tower hit "Water Tower Town"


Leslie Gabriel
Leslie Gabriel


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