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Flint Water Crisis Timeline - What Happened ???

by Leslie Gabriel January 16, 2016 1 Comment

Even the cats knew it was an epic fail.

Lee and Ernie Perez, of Flint, Michigan, knew something was wrong with their water when their three felines began hurling after drinking water.

In 2014, the long-term occupants of Flint, Michigan, were managing the same circumstances that had devoured a large portion of the town. The issues started in April that year, after the city exchanged its water source and began pulling water from the Flint River as a cost-sparing measure. Very quickly, inhabitants had objections about the foul, stained and nauseating liquid that was presently streaming into their homes.

So the Perezes closed off their taps. They began obtaining filtered water – to cook, drink and bathe. Their three felines, alongside a non domesticated cat who lived outside, exchanged over, as well.

"They all get filtered water," Lee Perez said. 

Over a year later, the Rust Belt city of 100,000 is as still reeling from the impacts of a water supply that was discovered to have been harmed elevated amounts of lead. Only this week, authorities reported that they saw a spike in Legionnaires' illness – an extreme type of pneumonia – after Flint started utilizing the water from the Flint River that adds fuel to the community's anger. While causation is still obscure, researchers contemplating the water issue contributed to a spike in Legionnaires'.

What's more, the confirmation is mounting that government, state and neighborhood authorities overlooked or disregarded all markers of a developing water emergency.

Here Is What Happened ? - A Timeline Of Systemic Organizational Failure ... 


  • APRIL 2014: With an end goal to spare cash, Flint starts drawing its water from the Flint River as opposed to depending on water from Detroit. The move is viewed as interim while the city holds up to associate with another provincial water framework. Inhabitants quickly whine about the odor, taste and appearance of the water. They likewise raise wellbeing concerns, reporting rashes, male pattern baldness and different issues. 
  • SUMMER 2014: Three boil water advisories are issued in 22 days after positive tests for coliform microbes.
  • OCTOBER 2014: A General Motors motor plant quits utilizing Flint water, saying it rusts parts.


  • JANUARY 2015: Flint looks for an assessment of its endeavors to enhance the water in the midst of worries that it contains conceivably hurtful levels of a sterilization side effect. Detroit offers to reconnect Flint to its water framework. Stone demands its water is protected.
  • JANUARY. 28: Flint occupants gobble up 200 cases of filtered water in 30 minutes in a giveaway program. More giveaways will follow in resulting months.
  • FEBRUARY 3: State authorities promise $2 million for Flint's grieved water system.
  • FEBRUARY: A 40-part counseling board of trustees is shaped to address worries over Flint's water. Leader Dayne Walling says the advisory group will guarantee the group is included in the issue.
  • MARCH 19: Flint guarantees to burn through $2.24 million on fast enhancements to its water supply.
  • MARCH 27: Flint authorities say the nature of its water has enhanced and that testing finds the water meets all state and government levels for safety.
  • SEPTEMBER 24: A gathering of specialists drove by Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha of Hurley Medical Center urges Flint to quit utilizing the Flint River for water in the wake of discovering large amounts of lead in the blood of kids. State controllers say the water is safe.
  • SEPTEMBER 29: Gov. Rick Snyder promises to make a move because of the lead levels. It's the first affirmation by the state that lead is an issue.
  • OCTOBER 2: Snyder reports that the state will burn through $1 million to purchase water channels and test water in Flint government funded schools.
  • OCTOBER 8: Snyder proposes Flint to go to utilizing water from Detroit's system once more.
  • OCTOBER 15: The Michigan Legislature and Snyder favor almost $9.4 million in help to Flint, including $6 million to switch its drinking water back to Detroit. The enactment likewise incorporates cash for water channels, examinations and lab testing.
  • NOVEMBER 3: Voters choose newcomer Karen Weaver over officeholder Mayor Dayne Walling in the midst of aftermath over the drinking water.
  • DECEMBER 29: Snyder acknowledges the acquiescence of Department of Environmental Quality Director Dan Wyant and apologizes for what happened in Flint.


  • JANUARY 5: Snyder pronounces an emercgency situation in Flint, that day government authorities affirm that they are exploring.
  • JANUARY 12: Snyder enacts the Michigan National Guard to disseminate filtered water and filters in Flint and approaches the national government for help.
  • JANUARY 13: Michigan health authorities report an expansion in Legionnaires' illness cases amid periods in the course of recent years in the district that incorporates Flint.  
  • JANUARY 14: Snyder approaches the Obama administration for federal disaster relief. 

It is a mess and thanks to some awesome people - the Flint Water Crisis has gotten some all important national headlines. Stay tuned for some more from Flint. In the meantime - here is a really great documentary "Undrinkable".

Leslie Gabriel
Leslie Gabriel


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