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Water - Why Do I Love Thee ??

by Leslie Gabriel February 11, 2015

Water is the stuff of life. It covers two-thirds of the earth, and it fills about two-thirds of our bodies. Nurturing a respect for water strives beyond the mundane - and really caring for the stuff is deserving of some “proof in the puddle”.

Finding out water’s meaning is a self-involved process. It means many things, and its importance weighs differently on everyone. One man’s water is another man’s will, and we feel sharing our gratification for the world’s most valuable resource is important.

Why Water Helps: The Deeper Stuff

Water increases physical and mental energy.

Regardless of your need to survive, your ability to conceive reality is based entirely upon internal liquid balance. Water literally lubricates the mind, invokes energy and increases alertness. Boosted energy levels are considerably important, too, as the world needs potent, astute minds.

Water holds value in many of life’s aspects, and each proposes a different piece of the puzzle:

What Can Water Do For You ??

Water means something to everyone, and its positive health effects are incredibly inspiring. Water removes fat by-products, and it reduces overall eating intake. It raises your metabolism, and it’s a calorie-free beverage!

Because your body is always in an ebb and flow state, water is your primary cleansing resource. Your mind aside, your body’s kidneys, liver, stomach and heart are all assisted by constant water consumption.

Water flushes away toxins, and it removes your body’s harmful waste through urination and sweating. Your body is your friend; it wants to keep your life healthy. Drinking plenty of water boosts your body’s processes, and filtered water reduces infection.

Why Does Water Deserve Our Love ??

The stuff is everywhere! Why should we worry about its conservation? Well, water may be all around us, but water impurity, toxicity and pollution are a major problem. Your life, and all of its aspects, rely on the wonderful substance. Your skin complexion, your daily drinks, your lawn and your area’s climate are sustained by water.

In many ways, water is the world’s own anti-aging medication. It fuels all life, and it’s an incredibly powerful force. However, due to its popularity, water may be stretched thin at times, and its pollution is incredibly harmful to the environment, our resources and you.

We feel water deserves a little more love, don’t you?

Leslie Gabriel
Leslie Gabriel


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