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New Year's Water Resolutions For 2015 - Part 4 - Find Inner Peace With Water

by Leslie Gabriel January 24, 2015

Water is essential for life on earth, but it is not limited to the positive benefits on hygiene and hydration.

In 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono said "Hair Peace and Bed Peace". To start 2015, we want people to find Water Peace.

The Daily Mail explains that humans have been using water to relax, cleanse and heal since the ancient Romans. Listening to the sound of a waterfall or the ocean can encourage relaxation and inner peace. Furthermore, a hot bath with a scented oil, like lavender, can further encourage relaxation.

The sounds of water can be relaxing and soothing. According to the NASA Earth Observatory, raindrops will produce different sounds when they hit the surface of water due to the size of the drop. The sounds of water falling and dropping on water, windows or other surfaces can be soothing and calming.

Other sounds that may help encourage relaxation and inner peace include:

  • The sound of ocean waves
  • A waterfall
  • Water fountains
  • Dripping sounds, particularly from rain or a storm

Soothing sounds can encourage individuals to relax and meditate. It provides a gentle guide toward a calm state of mind. When combined with other relaxing activities that incorporate water, such as taking a hot bath with lavender scents or enjoying a Jacuzzi, water can have a powerful impact stress.

The Daily Mail explains that a hot bath can encourage the body to warm up, relax and sweat. Since the skin is exposed to toxins and environmental contaminates in the air throughout the day, sweating in a hot bath can help remove those impurities from the skin. As a result, the skin will look and feel healthier.

According to the Daily Mail, adding herbal scents like lavender and chamomile to a hot bath can also help relieve pains from menstruation or tight muscles. In a Jacuzzi, the jets can combine water and air to massage the muscles and further encourage relaxation and pain relief.

Setting resolutions to improve personal health and well-being for the New Year should never overlook the healing power of water. Drinking more water can improve hydration and encourage the body to remove toxins. Taking showers or baths in filtered water can prevent chlorine exposure or exposure to other harmful chemicals that may be in the tap water. Kicking the bottled water habit can help save the planet. Furthermore, taking hot baths and listening to the sound of water can improve relaxation and help calm the mind. Whether the goal is to detoxify the body or to improve sleep quality, water is a powerful tool to help accomplish personal goals.

Now chillax ...

Leslie Gabriel
Leslie Gabriel


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