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The Great H2O Debate: Is There Water on Mars ??

by Leslie Gabriel January 19, 2014

The topic of water on Mars has heated up in recent years. Especially, since researchers may have caught a glimpse of flowing liquid

But researchers are saying the liquid, if any, is quite salty and probably toxic too. 

recent article on said ...

"Just in the past few years, orbiter cameras and Mars landers have gathered evidence that watery liquid does exist on the Red Planet, at least during some part of the day or some part of the year. The presence of water in such an inhospitable environment—freezing cold, with low atmospheric pressures that drive rapid evaporation—is a bit of a puzzle. But a number of lines of research indicate that perchlorates, a form of salt found in Martian soils by the Phoenix lander in 2008, may play a key role in sustaining liquids on Mars."

But astrobiologists are still excited about the possibility of liquid on Mars.

Supposedly Mars is the closest planet to Earth in terms of environment, atmosphere, and landscape. Other evidence also suggests that water did exist on Mars at a time in the past.

The Curiosity Rover found rounded stones on Mars that closely resemble those in the waters of Earth. In the Gale Crater and other areas of the red planet, these stones appear to have been shaped by water over time. 

Explorations have also yielded river beds that seem to have been carved by water many years ago.

Scientists believe water reached waist height or higher in some parts of Mars, but there is still much to be discovered about Martian water. 

Here is more evidence of Martian Water ... What do you think ???


Leslie Gabriel
Leslie Gabriel


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